Update: Theater Add-on 1.0.1

Backlight 1.0.4 Release 2 and Theater Add-on 1.0.1 are now available. Backlight 1.0.4 Release 2 is a minor release, and including a small fix for Fotomoto users, and some support improvements for Theater Add-on 1.0.1. The Theater Add-on update brings refinements to existing presentation types, and several new presentation types. If updating to Theater Add-on […]

New Release: Theater Add-on for Backlight

Backlight’s Theater Add-on is now available in early-access. The Theater Add-on is Backlight’s successor to CE4 Stage. By early-access, we mean that the add-on offers only a limited number of presentation types, with additional presentations, features and refinements planned for future updates. At present, the presentation types available include (linked to demonstrations): Still Image Vegas […]

Update: Backlight 1.0.4

Backlight 1.0.4 is now available for download. This update includes many fixes and improves under-the-hood to provide a better Backlight experience for users and visitors alike, and is recommended for all users. This version also adds support for the upcoming Theater Add-on, and supports selling images through Fotomoto.com. Fotomoto setup and implementation is documented here, […]

Update: CE4 Gallery 6.1.10

A rare update is today available for CE4 Gallery, version 6.1.10. This update improves the gallery’s Fotomoto support. Any user still clinging to CE4 and using Fotomoto’s services should download this update.