Updates: Backlight + Pages 1.2.3, Cart 4.1.5

Updates are now available for Backlight, and its Cart and Pages add-ons. These are maintenance releases, including various fixes and improvements detailed below. A new “Send Test Email” function is also available from Backlight’s admin, in the Special Links section. Use this to test Backlight’s mail configuration.

Backlight + Pages 1.2.3

  • Adds ‘Send Test Email’ function, under Special Links on Backlight landing page.
  • Fixes issue with missing Albums in search results.
  • Fixes issue with editing User.
  • Fixes issue with error on old filename when publishing photos.
  • Adds sample PHPlugins script to highlight the current page’s menu item to backlight/custom/phplugins/phplugins-pangolin-sample.php.
  • Adds localization capability for the “Add Photo Package” button in pangolin-album.
  • Fixes background-position scrolling issues on iOS.
  • Fixes values for the “Background-position X” option in pangolin-page module.
  • Updates code for favicons.
  • Updates padding values for Fancybox captions.

To update from earlier versions of Backlight + Pages to Backlight + Pages 1.2.3 :

IMPORTANT: Do NOT replace the entire backlight directory! Doing so will remove ALL data and settings!

1. Remove and re-upload the following files and directories:

  • backlight/admin/
  • backlight/designer/
  • backlight/framework/
  • backlight/publisher/
  • backlight/modules/module-pages/
  • backlight/modules/okapi-core/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-album/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-album-set/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-core/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-page/
  • TTG-Publisher.lrplugin

2. Visit each of the Backlight, Designer and Publisher admin sections to allow Backlight to run any necessary database updates.

3. Clear the Designer Template Cache by visiting Backlight => Designer => Templates => Clear Template Cache.

Cart Add-on 4.1.5

  • Adds ordering drop-downs for Product attribute and options.
  • Adds localisation support for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as used in reporting checkboxes in order emails.
  • Adds Date Format setting, as used in digital download expiries.
  • Fixes issue of checkout buttons wrapping when PayPal set to use text button.

To update to Cart 4.1.5, first update to Backlight 1.2.0 or newer. Replace the folder backlight/modules/module-cart/. Log in to Backlight’s admin, then click “Cart” in the menu to update the database.