The problem with Filmist 2 no one is talking about …

In late November, Gavin Seim released the Filmist 2 preset pack over at Seim Effects. I was busy at the time, so didn’t clock the release until mid-December or thereabouts. If you’ve spent any time on this blog, or seen my newsletters, you likely know how much I like the original Filmist presets. They’re great, and so I was excited about this new upgrade. And we were preparing to leave on a trip to Barcelona for the year’s end, so I thought, “Hey, this is great! I’ll come back from Barcelona with a heap of fresh images I can use to review the new Filmist presets!”

But oh, what a fool am I!

Let me be blunt. Filmist 2 has a major problem.

Update! Backlight 5.3.3

Backlight 5.3.3 is now available! This release implements the same update/upgrade feature recently introduced in Backlight 4.1.4, though the feature won’t be evident until some future update. This release also updates the Parsedown library (used for parsing Markdown), and adds support for color labels from the Backlight Publisher. For users that have changed the default […]