Intro to Pangolin-Journal

In the first look video, we gave you a first peak at the new pangolin-journal monster coming with Backlight 4. This video offers a deeper dive, and introduces some core concepts to using the new module. It clocks in at just over 25 minutes, but you will hopefully find it informative.

Video: My Publishing Workflow

A while back, I ripped up my personal website. I’ve recently been rebuilding, have been publishing a lot of new albums, and realized this is a prime opportunity for sharing how I use Backlight when publishing images out of Capture One Pro. I mean, I’m doing it anyway; why not make it a learning opportunity? I hope this sheds some light for someone.

Upload Custom Images in Backlight 3.2

Backlight 3.2 is coming soon! In this video, I show off my favorite new feature in the upcoming update, how to upload custom images in Backlight’s publisher, for an album’s cover and hero images.

New Video: RSS Feeds in Backlight 3

This one was been a long time coming. I’ve dreaded recording it, but because I knew it would be long, and difficult, and kind of all over the place. I’m glad now it’s done, and I feel I was able to trace a mostly linear path through it. The video does clock in at a […]