New Video: RSS Feeds in Backlight 3

This one was been a long time coming. I’ve dreaded recording it, but because I knew it would be long, and difficult, and kind of all over the place. I’m glad now it’s done, and I feel I was able to trace a mostly linear path through it. The video does clock in at a […]

Backlight 3 on the iPad Pro

In this video, I spend some time doing Backlight on an iPad Pro, for no other reason than to show you how very usable Backlight 3 is on the iPad Pro. If the iPad is your go-to device for photo processing, or if you’re on the go with the iPad, Backlight should fit nicely into […]

“Album Permalinks” in Backlight 3

Another day, another video. This time, we take a quick look at the new Album Permalinks feature in Backlight 3. This is really cool, as it allows you to simplify albums URLs that you might be sending to clients. This might be particularly relevant to wedding and portrait studio photographers, depending on how you organize […]