Smart Albums in Backlight 5

Today, we kick off a new season of feature exposés, highlighting marquee features in the latest, greatest version of Backlight, the newly released Backlight 5. In this first edition, we take a closer look at Smart Albums. What is a “Smart Album”? The tin text is simple: A smart album matches keywords, gathering found images […]

A Backlight 3 Retrospective

Development is winding down on Backlight 4, and we’ll soon be into prerelease testing. That will be the topic of our next newsletter! Before we exhale, however, we first must inhale. And as we take this breath, let’s reflect upon the year we’ve spent with Backlight 3. It’s all too easy to lose perspective when […]

Creating a Sitemap for Backlight

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like a jigsaw puzzle: a larger picture built of myriad, smaller pieces; the complexity of the puzzle scaling relative to the number of pieces you choose to build with. Using well-structured markup and anchors, and leveraging your provided text, images, and their associated data, Backlight’s pages and albums create organic […]