Communication, Outreach and Social Media Changes for 2020

Happy new year, folks!

We’re making some changes to how we’re running our communications going forward, and updating our guidelines for interaction here on the site and on our social media platforms. Here’s the full rundown on how best to reach us, and how best to hear from us.

The Blog

When there’s news, there will always be an article posted here on the blog. Every update we make to TTG products is announced and detailed first in a blog post, making it the best place to get the freshest updates. Apart from product updates, I occasionally post tutorials, or features relating to photography, technology, or both.

For the most part, the blog is a passive resource. Meaning you will need to poke your head in every so often.

There are various ways you can keep track of the blog.

  • Blog posts will typically be shared to our social media, and may or may not be shared or shouted out in our newsletter.
  • If you’d like to receive blog updates in your email, you may subscribe (or unsubscribe) in the sidebar of this page.
  • You may subscribe to our RSS feed.

Additionally, we are disallowing commenting on the blog. The comments section of articles are mostly spam magnets, and have added very little value to our site. And there are better ways to engage us in conversation, as we will discuss below.

The Community Forum

If you have questions or need assistance, the community forum remains the very best way to engage with us, and with our community experts. No changes here.

Email Us

If you require assistance where privacy is of greater concern, such as in discussing purchases, etc., then you may email us instead. Email response times are often slower than getting a reply in the forum, however.

The Turning Gate’s Email Newsletter

Whereas our blog is passive, our newsletter is proactive, and our primary way of communicating news to our audience. Product updates are aggregated into the newsletter and often link back to the blog for details; if you don’t watch the blog, then the newsletter will get you all of the same news, just rounded up a little bit later. And when I do blog features, they also get spotlighted in the newsletter, because I want people to know they exist.

Also, newsletters typically contain things not on the blog, including recommended reading from photographic communities and news feeds that I keep tabs on, a music pick, and other items that I find interesting and worth sharing. Because more than just an advertising piece, I want to newsletters to contribute to your creative diet. From my table to your inbox, so to speak.

Newsletters are irregular; we probably send 10 or so in a year. If you’ve downloaded anything from us, then you’ve been added to our newsletter.

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, or would like to subscribe a different email address, you may do so in the sidebar of our blog.

If you would like to unsubscribe an address from our newsletter, please wait to receive a newsletter in your inbox, then use the “Unsubscribe” link in that newsletter.

The Turning Gate’s Facebook Page

I have done a bad job keeping this page up-to-date, but will endeavor to do a better job in 2020. This page will strictly be for announcements, so blog posts and newsletters will be shared here. Nothing else. That makes it a good thing to follow if you want our news, and ONLY our news, in your social media feed.

Visit The Turning Gate’s Facebook page.

The TTG Users Group on Facebook

The users group will get everything that’s posted to The Turning Gate’s page, above. I will also occasionally drop articles, videos, etc. here that I find interesting, so basically a real-time version of the recommending reading list typically a part of our newsletter. So it’s similar to the TTG page, but in focus, and will probably have a little more activity.

This is also a place to engage with other TTG users, should you like to do so. While we want to you to engage, though, a few guidelines apply:

1) Compared to our community forum, the users group is an inferior place to seek help. If you have questions or are in need of technical assistance, please begin a conversation thread in our forum.

2) The TTG Users Group is not a photo-sharing group. While you are more than welcome to share your TTG-powered website to the group — an we really want to see it — please do not post your images for viewing, critique or self-promotion. I will moderate posts as I see fit.

Visit The TTG Users Group.

@theturninggate on Twitter

Follow @theturninggate, and enjoy the silence. Seriously, I’ve tried, but I just cannot Twitter. Do not rely on it as primary means of following us, and please do not message me there; I am unlikely to see it. Twitter is absolutely the worst way to follow us. I might tweet things occasionally, but will definitely do so unreliably.