Backlight 2 Announced

BACKLIGHT 2 is coming soon! In our most recent newsletter, we’ve let the lid off the upcoming release, so it’s only fair to post that news here as well.

First, something that is not changing, Backlight 2 will continue to utilize the Pangolin design modules, meaning there will be no requirement to redesign your website upgrading from Backlight to Backlight 2. I repeat, Backlight is fully upgradeable without redesign.

Below, a partial list of what’s coming in Backlight 2, with more to be revealed as we draw nearer to our tentative release window.

Lightroom, Optional
The new web-based publisher allows you to upload images, and create and manage albums and album sets, with or without Lightroom. The existing Publish Services plugin for Lightroom remains an option, but is now optional!
Centralized Client Management
The client management system, previously exclusive to the Client Response Add-on, is now a part of Backlight’s core application, and is capable of controlling access to any type of album — basic, cart or client response.
Multi-language Support
Build your site to support multiple languages, allowing visitors to switch the displayed language via a drop-down select.
Improved Login Security
Backlight’s admin area now supports Google Authenticator two-factor authentication, password reset, and stronger password encryption.
Improved PHPlugins
It will now be possible to access album and photo data via PHPlugins, opening entirely new possibilities for advanced customization.

In anticipation of Backlight announcements to come, to make sure you can get all the news as it releases, we’ve also been retouching our social spaces. Give us the follows!

We’re on LinkedIn!

We have a brand new page on LinkedIn. Follow The Turning Gate, and I will be posting updates there as regularly as we have updates to post.

I have also been building out my personal LinkedIn profile. You might already have received a request from me to connect; if not, please reach out to me and I will happily accept. If you’d like to send along a link to your website, I will happily give it a look and make relevant endorsements on your profile.

We’re on Alignable!
We also have a new profile on Alignable. Honestly, I’m still feeling my way around this one, but come and get connected.

The Old Standards
Of course, our existing social spaces and outreach methods remain, and will also be receiving updates as we go forward.