New Galleria Add-on Available Now!

The new Galleria Add-on is available now for Backlight!

The add-on can be purchased for $25 USD from the Backlight store page; find it under “Add-ons”.

The add-on fascillitates the creation of touch-enabled slideshows, with a variety of personalization options. Here are two examples:

Demo 1, Demo 2

Galleria Add-on Overview

In the video below, you can see much of what the add-on has to offer.

Getting Started

Backlight 1.2.3 Release 4 is required, so please update before installing the Galleria Add-on.

That done, copy the folder backlight/modules/pangolin-galleria from the downloaded package into the same location of your Backlight installation.

Log in to Backlight’s admin, go Designer => Templates, then scroll down to the “Album Templates” section; click “Create New Template”.

From the Type list, select “Pangolin Galleria”.

From there, create an album template the same as you would any other type.

Galleria Vs. Vegas

The Theater Add-on includes the Vegas Slideshow option, which also creates inline or full-screen slideshows. So you might wonder how the two are different.

The biggest difference is that Vegas is designed as a background slideshow, while Galleria is a foreground slideshow.

Being in the background, you can overlay the Vegas Slideshow with your masthead or page content. But being in the background, the slideshow also cannot be interacted with by gestures.

Galleria exists in the foreground, so cannot be overlaid with content. However, being in the foreground, it does support swipe gestures for navigation.

Beyond that key difference, the Galleria slideshow has many more options and features, including layouts for displaying thumbnails, image titles and captions, and customizations for optimizing the display for desktop, mobile or full-screen viewing.

In short, we feel the Galleria Add-on is one more excellent option for displaying your work with Backlight!

And I believe that’s all of the most pertinent information. If you have any questions not answered above, or in the demonstration video, please ask below!