Update: Backlight 1.2.3 Release 4

An update is now available for Backlight and its Pages Add-on, detailed below. This is a maintenance release, but also includes required updates for the upcoming release of the new Galleria Add-on.

Backlight 1.2.3 Release 4

  • Adds support for embedded Galleria albums.
  • Adds support for Default System Fonts.
  • Adds support for Publish delay, to help prevent incorrect Denial-of-Service blocking.
  • Fixes issue with single quotes in Page titles.
  • Fixes issue with Fotomoto button.

To update from Backlight+Pages 1.2.3 Releases 1, 2 or 3 to Backlight+Pages 1.2.3 Release 4 :

IMPORTANT: Do NOT replace the entire backlight directory! Doing so will remove ALL data and settings!

Remove and re-upload the following files and directories:

  • backlight/publisher/
  • backlight/modules/module-pages/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-album/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-album-set/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-core/
  • backlight/modules/pangolin-page/
  • TTG-Publisher.lrplugin

Clear the Designer Template Cache by visiting Backlight => Designer => Templates => Clear Template Cache.

To update from earlier versions of Backlight + Pages to version 1.2.3 Release 4, follow upgrade instructions for 1.2.3 Release 1 in the readme.txt file included in your download.