Backlight 1.2.1 Update

A full round of updates is now available for Backlight and its add-ons.

This brings things to:

  • Backlight 1.2.1
  • Cart Add-on 4.1.1
  • Client Response Add-on 7.1.1
  • Pages 1.2.1
  • Theater 1.2.1
  • WordPress 1.2.1

All users are strongly recommended to update, as these new versions apply a number of bug fixes and stability improvements to our previous 1.2.0 group of releases.

We’ve also got a cool new feature for you …

Introducing Template Presets

Template Presets are now available to be used in Backlight.

The preset repository can be visited online, here at The Turning Gate. You can download presets as files that can be imported into Backlight.

However — and this is the exciting part — Backlight also features one-click install of template presets! Here’s how that works:

  1. In Backlight’s menu, go Designer => Templates.
  2. Click the new “Download Template Presets” button appearing at the top of the page.
  3. You will be taken to The Turning Gate’s preset repository. Browse the available template, and click a thumbnail to preview a larger screenshot.
  4. In the preview, click the “Import Preset as New Template” button.
  5. You will be returned to Backlight’s Templates page, with the preset now installed as a new template and available for immediate use or editing.

At present, there are four presets available. I look forward to growing the selection as time allows, and ideas come to me.

We love this update, and think it will really help to kickstart your creativity!

It also gives us the unique opportunity to showcase some of Backlight features that you might otherwise have overlooked. For example …

… my favorite of the current presets is Redheaded. While I need to come up with a better name for it, the preset showcases Pangolin’s new dual mastheads feature, allowing you to design one masthead for desktop, and a separate masthead for mobile. On desktop, Redhead’s masthead sits in the lefthand pallet, over the navigation menu. On mobile, where pallets are tucked away off-canvas, the masthead is moved into the header and the title’s colors are flipped to match the new context.

As for what else is new in these updates, the full list of changes is available in the readme files, or in our wiki changelogs.

Insofar as acquiring the updates, look for notifications containing download links to arrive via email, else you may request your orders be resent.

You might also have noticed that The Turning Gate looks different. The blog is now running on Backlight 1.2, with the WordPress Add-on powering the blog. I’m still in the process of moving things around a bit, so things might change some in the coming days or weeks, but I’m thrilled to be bringing the website up-to-date with our latest improvements.