Backlight, First Look

Backlight, First Look

Since announcing Backlight earlier in the month, we’ve had a fantastic show of interest from you all. It’s been great encouragement for us, and you have our deepest gratitude for the moral support.

We’ve been making great strides with our beta testers. They’ve been giving us a lot of helpful feedback, and have done a wonderful job of spotting the bugs we hope the rest of you will never see. We’re at Beta 2 now, and the leap forward from Beta 1 is more than I’d dared to hope.

So, how about a peek?

I have Beta 2 running in a subdomain, and you’re welcome to check it out. There are three galleries, each with a different design, so check all three.

You can also navigate your way into our documentation, which is sparse at the moment. The First Steps section walks you through setup, and teaches you the core concepts you will need to know to use Backlight.

Again, this is setup using Beta 2, so very much still a work-in-progress. If you find something you think is a bug, let us know so that we can squash it!

And here’s a rambling video tour of Backlight, demonstrating how quickly you can install the application and be up-and-running with things. Enjoy!

Today’s hero image is by our very own Ben Williams!