Support and Forum Updates

Renovations continue, and our community forum has today been updated to the latest version of PunBB, our chosen forum software. The update brings numerous performance and security improvements, and the forum is now responsive! If you should find anything broken or seemingly off, please let me know.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to officially pull the plug on CE3 support, a move long overdue. The further we get from CE3, the more difficult it becomes to troubleshoot; the plugins and their underlying source are at this point distant, fuzzy memories. Users may continue to download their CE3 purchases as before, and CE3 documentation remains available. But the CE3 (and CE2) forums have been disabled.

As for questions being asked, we’ll help you if we can. But we officially reserve the right to reply to CE3/2-related questions with silence, or by suggesting an upgrade. In the words of George Harrison, all things must pass.

Out with the old, in with the … well, that’s a conversation for next time.