The New TTG Shop is Live

The new TTG Store is live!

As an experiment, I have been using SendOwl these past few weeks to process and deliver downloads of the new 2016 HTML Gallery. The going has been smooth and I have been happy, and so I have rebuilt the entire TTG shop to use SendOwl, finally replacing the Shopify/FetchApp combo that’s been itching me these last few years.

We believe this new shop will provide a better experience for us as shop owners, and also for you as its customers. Your checkouts should now be easier, faster and occasionally more informative. You can have your purchases re-sent to your email address at any time should you need to download files again, and you can instantly save your downloads to DropBox with a single click. Update notifications and mailing list integration will help to keep you better informed as our products continue to develop, and you will automatically receive purchase receipts suitable for tax purposes. If you should find the provided receipts insufficient for your tax records, let me know so that I can make them better! There are a lot of other optional features I have yet to explore, so there may yet be surprises to come.

In the meantime, let us know your experiences with the new shop, and whether there is anything we can do to further improve your shopping experience.

And yes, that’s my owl in the photo. His name is Kiialik, and he’s adorable.