A New Year, A New TTG

Happy New Year, my friends!

We are pleased to reveal our newly designed, consolidated website and storefront. The star attraction here is that the shop is no longer external to The Turning Gate, and in this way we hope to provide a better experience to you, our visitors and customers.

When making new purchases, customers will now register as users at The Turning Gate. On returning to the site, you will be able to log in to the new “Your Account” area to re-download purchases, review your purchase history, or change your personal information.

Commenting on blog posts will now require a user account. To create an account for free, please checkout free items from the shop, the 2014 HTML Gallery and/or CE4 Viewport Sizer.

The blog is a clean slate, as I like to occasionally begin afresh. Old posts remain accessible; see below.

This new design remains a work-in-progress and will evolve over time in response to our needs and your feedback. If you have something to say, please let us know in the general forum.

Speaking of, forum accounts remain separate from user accounts here on the blog and shop. It’s something I’d like to address at some point in the future, if I am able. For now, however, the two will run on separate logins.

So, where’s the old stuff?

Purchases made from the old shop will remain available as before, and you may access your downloads by looking up your order number(s). We will maintain this delivery system for a reasonable amount of time, and will provide forewarning before ending service. Thereafter, we will endeavor to keep your purchases available to you by alternative means.

As for our pre-existing blog content, it all remains online at the CE4 subdomain, http://ce4.theturninggate.net. Redirects are in place so that incoming links to articles will be automatically redirected to the desired content at that location, and those articles should remain accessible via search engines.