Cheaper, easier upgrades to Backlight 5

We’ve rolled out updates for all releases of Backlight! Current version numbers are as follows.

  • Backlight 2.0.15
  • Backlight 3.2.2
  • Backlight 4.1.4
  • Backlight 5.3.3

These updates make it cheaper and easier to upgrade to the latest version of Backlight, from any legacy version.

Now save $35 USD when upgrading from Backlight 4 to Backlight 5, and save $15 USD when upgrading from any legacy version of Backlight to Backlight 5. This is not a Black Friday event; these discounts are permanent. They are also easy to use!

First, log into your Backlight admin and visit the Backlight Modules page to get the latest update.

Here’s how to install updates.

After updating, Backlight’s admin will notify you when a newer version of Backlight is available, showing a notification in the footer such as this one:

Click this notice or navigate to the Backlight Modules page, and you will see a banner such as this one:

Click “What’s New” to see a summary of new features.

Click “Upgrade now …” to purchase the latest version of Backlight. Discounts are applied automatically to your purchase!

Complete checkout, then return to the Backlight Modules page to install your upgrade!