Update: Backlight 4.1.4 – Upgrades made easy!

An update is now available for Backlight 4 — yes, four — version 4.1.4.

This update implements an upgrade/update notification in the admin, and an easy-upgrade mechanism from the Backlight Modules page.

If an update or major upgrade is available, a message will appear in the admin footer, like this:

Clicking this notice, will take you to the Backlight Modules page. There, a banner appears, such as this one:

Click “What’s New” to see a summary of available new features.

Clicking “Upgrade now …” will take you to a purchase screen, with an upgrade discount automatically applied.

Checkout, then return to the Backlight Modules page to complete your upgrade. Upgrading has never been easier!

This feature will soon be coming in updates to Backlight 2 and 3, and will of course be made a part of Backlight 5. And please share any feedback on the feature in our forum, as it’s something we’d like to improve further, if possible.