Update: Backlight 5.2.0

Backlight 5.2.0 is now available, with several changes and additions of note.

We have overhauled our implementation of Font Awesome icons in both the Pangolin modules, and in Backlight’s admin. For details, please read my forum post regarding the Upcoming Changes to Font Awesome, which have here arrived. Should you see icons missing either on your site or in the admin, hard-refresh the browser and/or clear your browser cache.

Font settings in Kookaburra Page have been updated. Overall, this should make the settings more reliable. However, if you had previously set preferences for fonts, you may need to re-enable those fonts in your templates (see Typography, Header and Running Head sections).

Kookaburra’s slideshow has also been overhauled. Again! I know we just did this in 5.1.0, but the underlying library received a surprise major update, and so I gutted and rebuilt the thing. A pain to do, but the end result is a better slideshow, so worth it.

Full change log below. Update in the usual way, via the Backlight Modules page of your admin. See our video if you need to know how to perform updates in Backlight.

  • Kookaburra Page: Improves handling of font-family inheritance
  • Overhauls Font Awesome 5 (https://discourse.theturninggate.net/t/upcoming-changes-to-font-awesome/2814)
  • Removes option to load Font Awesome files from local
  • Updates heredoc formatting in PHPlugins
  • Updates Kookaburra PHPlugins sample and adds JSON API example
  • New Fancybox 5 slideshow, plus corresponding designer and localization options
  • Updates to Fancybox 5.0.15, and removes Fancybox 4 files
  • Updates symbols to mostly use feather-icon SVG paths/shapes
  • Fixes filtering of smart album search results
  • Fixes issue in Backlight module updating for PHP 8.2
  • Adds siteground to exclusion list for data/sessions