Update: Backlight 5.0.4

Not an insignificant update, Backlight 5.0.4 is now available!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Kookaburra: Adds Custom Stylesheet support
  • Kookaburra: Adds opt-in grid framework
  • Kookaburra: Adds PHPlugins support
  • Kookaburra: Adds sample PHPlugins file to backlight/modules/custom-resources
  • Kookaburra: Adds Typography and Footer options for text and hyperlink colors
  • Kookaburra: Cleans up SVG symbols
  • Kookaburra: Fixes drop-menu shadows
  • Kookaburra: Removes div.album-copy
  • Kookaburra: Replaces CDN Fancybox assets with local copies
  • Kookaburra & Pangolin: Improves cookies acceptance notice in iOS Safari
  • Kookaburra & Pangolin: Tweaks styling of cookies acceptance buttons
  • Pangolin: In client response templates, only display slideshow Select/Feedback icons if Client Response features are enabled for the album
  • Maintenance: Deletes unnecessary instance of normalize.css
  • Adds fix for PHP compatibility in phpLiteAdmin
  • Changes behavior of Smart Albums to allow the use of private keywords
  • Changes behavior of Smart Albums to include protected photos when logged in to public albums that allow the display of protected photos
  • Fixes issue of LR-protected photos not being filtered out in Smart Albums
  • Fixes issue of lights-out images not being filtered out for Client Response albums
  • Fixes issue with Access Codes not working if they include special characters including ampersands

See our video walkthrough, How-to: Installing Updates in Backlight.