Update: Backlight 5.0.2 released

Backlight 5.0.2 is now available, featuring these improvements:

  • Pagination updates in Kookaburra, Okapi, Pangolin Album modules
  • Kookaburra Page: Adds some advanced settings: page title, HTML head and meta config
  • Kookaburra Page: adds dynamic page title
  • Kookaburra Album: changes “Pagination” label to “Pagination UI”
  • Pangolin Album & Essay: adds title attribute for icons in the Fancybox pallet
  • In Manage Language view, changed “Fancybox” and “Photoswipe” headings to “Pangolin Slideshow” and “Okapi Slideshow”, respectively
  • Omits language section for Okapi Slideshow when standard-album is not installed
  • Fixes issue with assigned cover image being ignored for Smart Albums
  • Fixes issue of not-disabling mixed pricing when switched off in template
  • Fixes case-sensitivity on jpg/jpeg file extension when finding photos for Single pages
  • Removes Google Analytics script from Okapi page
  • Fixes issue of trying to generate Theme menu file when underlying Theme engine is not found
  • Fixes “Permalink1” title in the Pangolin slideshow
  • Fixes compatibility issue with import_template in PHP 8.1

See our video walkthrough, How-to: Installing Updates in Backlight.