Backlight 3.0.2 Update

New updates are now available for Backlight 3, as well as Galleria and WP Theme add-ons.

Backlight 3.0.2 is all about quality-of-life. Many improvements, detailed below.

By request, the Galleria Add-on gets maps support!

And the WordPress theme … if there’s one question I get asked over and over again, it’s how to embed Backlight galleries in WordPress posts. And for years, there’s been no good answer; don’t do it. With Backlight 3, the JSON API changes everything. So, let’s ask the question …


Well, it’s as easy as …

[backlight album="12345" columns="5"]

… where “12345” is the ID of an album in Backlight. And make sure the JSON API is switched ON in Backlight’s settings, of course. I’ll probably make this the subject of my next video.

Updates are easy, so what are you waiting for?

How-to: Installing Updates in Backlight.

Backlight 3.0.2

  • Restores Video ID setting when editing albums in Backlight’s Publisher.
  • Hides Hero Image section if no cover image exists, which is useful for Search.
  • Changes selections for Search Template setting to only include those based on Pangolin or Okapi Albums (prevents selection of invalid templates).
  • Updates breadcrumbs to include ‘position’ structured data attribute, per Google’s warnings.
  • Adds version number of latest LR Publisher as part of download link on Backlight Modules page.
  • Adds messaging for requests from LR Publisher when server redirects from http to https.
  • Changes id name of “accept-cookies” so as to avoid being caught in 1Blocker rules on iOS.
  • Fixes Javascript error & DOM manipulation when downloading images in Pangolin Album.
  • Adds BYPASS_2FA env.php setting to help users who are locked out of two-factor authentication.
  • Fixes issue appending framework version to page.php’s all.min.css when LOAD_FONT_AWESOME_LOCALLY is enabled.
  • Adds further upgrade scripts for Publisher when upgrading from Backlight 2 to Backlight 3.

Galleria Add-on 3.0.2

  • Adds maps support to Galleria Add-on.
  • Updates Galleria icons.

WP Theme Add-on

  • Adds “backlight” shortcode to WP Theme.