Update: Backlight 2.0.6

Backlight 2.0.6 is now available, and chock full of spectacular goodness. You will find new configuration options for the slideshow, the designer has been prettied up, and there’s the usual batch of fixes and improvements. There’s also an update to the Lr Publisher plugin, available to download from the Backlight Modules page of your admin.

How-to: Installing Updates in Backlight 2

Here’s what’s in:

  • Adds support for publishing images with duplicate filenames
  • Fixes issue with missing mixed pricing scheme on images published from Backlight
  • Fixes issue with characters in image titles when published from Backlight
  • Fixes issue in calculating image dimensions for uploads from iOS devices within Backlight
  • Adds capability to display color labels in the slideshow
  • Adds new options for whether and how to display the slideshow’s Thumbnail Pallet
  • Adds options to enable/disable Fancybox Progress Indicator, and customize color; indicator disabled by default to preserve legacy behavior
  • Updates Pangolin’s PHPlugins samples to include example for contacting the WordPress JSON API
  • Improves layout of “Descriptive” type album sets
  • Fixes Slideshow UI colors; adds separate arrow color options
  • Fixes custom stylesheets in Okapi
  • Changes reCAPTCHA settings titles and descriptions to specify “reCAPTCHA v2”
  • Improves styling in the designer, targeting sliders specifically
  • Fixes margin-bottom of color-pickers in the designer
  • Fixes image rotation bugs that affected iOS uploads
  • Removes slow method for reading XMP Metadata that can cause upload timeouts
  • Changes handling of THUMBNAIL_THRESHOLD to limit the size exactly to the setting
  • Adds uhcloud to list of excluded session.save_path hosts
  • Removes concurrent uploads in Uppy
  • Adds polyfill the .forEach() method, used in admin navigation, for IE11 and Edge
  • Removes obsolete files