Updates: Backlight 1.1.1, Theater and WordPress Add-ons

Backlight 1.1.1, Theater Add-on 1.0.4 and WordPress Add-on 1.0.2 updates are now available.

To acquire the downloads as an existing customer, look for update notices to arrive via email containing links, or recover your order(s) by email here.

For new customers, the latest versions are always available from the store. And for those without PayPal accounts, we now accept direct credit card payments via Stripe!

What’s new

We recently unleashed a massive update, Backlight 1.1. This 1.1.1 comprises the sort of fixes, and stability, compatibility and performance improvements you’d expect to follow a big release. These improvements are largely based on feedback received and support cases solved since the 1.1 release.

Meanwhile, the Theater and WordPress add-on updates are largely intended to bring those add-ons up-to-date with Backlight 1.1, implementing the new PHPlugins locations, etc., while also including some general updates and refinements. For details, see the full log of changes below.

Change logs

Backlight 1.1.1

  • Adds Company Name as From name for Contact emails
  • Removes IP Address field in Contact emails
  • Fixes issue with shortening external URLs used in menus
  • Fixes issue of reporting missing show_breadcrumbs_for_children when saving custom photo order
  • Fixes issue with missing menu descendants
  • Fixes issue when Top-level Gallery configured to neither show breadcrumbs or show breadcrumbs for children
  • Fixes issue with Top-level Gallery not showing breadcrumb when show breadcrumbs for children set to no
  • Fixes page layout issue
  • Fixes issue with auto-refresh on Pages with embedded Album
  • Fixes issue with z-index in menus
  • Ignores updating of album files for migrated Albums with empty slugs

To update to Backlight+Pages 1.1.1, do NOT replace the entire backlight directory! Doing so will remove ALL data and settings!

1. Remove and re-upload the following files and directories:

  • backlight/admin/
  • backlight/designer/
  • backlight/framework/
  • backlight/publisher/
  • backlight/modules/module-pages/
  • backlight/modules/okapi-core/
  • backlight/modules/standard-album/
  • backlight/modules/standard-album-set/
  • backlight/modules/standard-page/
  • TTG-Publisher.lrplugin

2. Visit each of the Backlight, Designer and Publisher admin sections to allow Backlight to run any necessary database updates.

3. Clear the Designer Template Cache by visiting Backlight -> Designer -> Templates -> Clear Template Cache

Theater Add-on 1.0.4

  • Improves Flickity image centering on small displays.
  • Updates Flickity to version 2.0.5.
  • Adds support for new phplugins functions: ttg_copy_top and ttg_copy_bottom
  • Adds support for pulling page design settings into Theater

To update to Theater 1.0.4, replace the following files and directories:

  • backlight/modules/module-theater/

WordPress Add-on 1.0.2

  • Adds customizer option to show links to adjacent posts on single pages; links are hidden by default.
  • Adds native support for Google Analytics, as configured in Backlight’s Settings.
  • Adds support for masthead and footer appearing in the main content column.
  • Adds PHPlugins locations ttg_main_top, ttg_main_bottom, ttg_tray01_top, ttg_tray01_bottom, ttg_tray02_top, ttg_tray02_bottom
  • Changed theme screenshot.
  • Changed post date to always appear immediately before content, and never between the title and featured image.
  • Changes behaviour when used as a parent theme, the style.css is no longer force-loaded; the child theme should load this file.
  • Fixes wrapping of adjacent post links in is_single() condition.

To update to WordPress Add-on 1.0.2, remove and re-upload the following files and directory:

  • backlight/modules/module-wordpress/

In Backlight’s admin, go to Designer => Templates, then click the name of your theme template. On the subsequent page, click “Export Theme to WordPress” to update your theme in WordPress.