Update: WordPress Add-on 1.0.1

Backlight’s WordPress Add-on is now available at version 1.0.1. This update includes some general stability and plugin compatibility improvements, and is recommended for all users.

  • Adds Next/Previous Posts links to single-post pages.
  • Changes Fotomoto implementation to use Backlight’s scripting only when the Fotomoto WordPress widget is not activated.
  • Changes jQuery version to WordPress default.
  • Fixes one-column layouts creating an erroneous Tray 01 widget area.
  • Adds stability improvements.

To update from a previous version, remove and re-upload the following directories:

  • /backlight/modules/module-wordpress

In Backlight’s admin, go to Designer => Templates, then click the name of your theme template. On the subsequent page, click “Export Theme” to update your theme in WordPress.

Because of changes to our handling of jQuery for WordPress themes, there’s also a small update to the Cart Add-on to ensure the cart widget is able to display on WordPress pages. This is a “silent” update, so the Cart Add-on remains at version 4.0.2. If using both the WordPress and Cart add-ons, though, you should download and install fresh copies of both.

Notifications have been sent to email for WordPress Add-on updates, including download links. I have not sent notifications for the Cart Add-on, as the update is very niche. To get the latest Cart, you may use any previously send download link, or click here to recover your order.