Update: Cart Add-on 4.0.1 for Backlight

Cart Add-on 4.0.1 is now available for Backlight, featuring fixes and general improvements to the cart experience.

Here’s what’s new!

Cart Add-on 4.0.1

  • Adds cart listing to Invoiced checkout page to be consistent with PayPal review page
  • Adds headings to customers’ cart pages
  • Adds content markup to some customers’ cart pages, to fix spacing with other page elements
  • Fixes issue with punctuation in Product names
  • Fixes missing package placeholder image
  • Replaces hyphen as spacer in base pricing selection to avoid confusion as a negative value
  • Fixes red coloring of ‘Incomplete’ in pricing and shipping listing
  • Fixes error when setting prices for the first time for a given scheme
  • Fixes error when editing item in package
  • Adds propagation of product deletion to package items
  • Miscellanous fixes

To update to Cart 4.0.1:

  1. Replace the following files and directories:
    • backlight/modules/module-cart/
  2. Login to Backlight and click on ‘Cart’ to update the database
  3. Note that this release includes new items for headings for customer-facing Cart pages. To update these for your own language, visit Cart > Settings > Loclizations

Look for update links to arrive via email, or you my lookup your orders on our Support page to download the update.