New Release: Cart Add-on for Backlight

The Cart Add-on is now available for Backlight!

The Cart Add-on adds shopping cart functionality to your Backlight pages and image galleries. The cart can be used to sell digital image downloads, photo prints, photo packages, or other physical goods or services. The cart accepts online payment via PayPal, or can be used to create invoiced orders, allowing the photographer to collect payment offline or by alternate means. Salable items may be setup with any number of additional purchase options. Orders are sent to your email, and may be saved to your server as a backup.

The Cart Add-on requires Backlight 1.0.3 or newer. Visit our demonstration gallery to try things out.

The Cart Add-on can be purchased for $60 from our Store page, or read on for more details.

For those upgrading from earlier releases, the new Cart Add-on supports migration from existing CE4 and CE3 Cart setups. Discounts are available for existing CE4 Cart customers; to claim your discount, lookup your existing CE4 Cart order to download the TXT file containing your code.

Supported features include:

  • Accept payments online via PayPal, or create invoiced orders to collect offline payment.
  • Sale and instant delivery of downloadable image files.
  • Percentage-based discount codes.
  • Fixed value discount coupons.
  • Online setup of products and fully customizable product options.
  • Sell individual images or create photo packages.
  • Support for multiple product types for individual images.
  • Multiple shipping tiers.
  • Designed for desktop and mobile browsers alike.
  • Supports mandatory agreements at checkout, for compliance with user-defined terms, conditions, refund policies, etc.

For users in the European Union:

  • Only collect tax for Euro countries if selling to other Euro countries.
  • Option to prevent selling Digital Downloads to Eurozone, other than to own country if part of Eurozone.
  • Back-calculation of taxes.
  • A new option to prevent sales from any country to EU countries.
  • New mode for additional fields – whether these should appear on Transactionless, Paypal, or Both. This will help EU customers create a field for VAT if needed for offline handling of tax exemption. Or any other fields such as Instructions for Photographer.
  • Capture of IP address per order for auditing.