Backlight Hero


D.I.Y. portfolio and website publishing for photographers


Backlight is a unique website creation and photo publishing platform for photographers, leveraging Lightroom’s Publish Services to make easy work of managing your online portfolio.

With Backlight, have your website and photo albums up-and-running in minutes. Then use the built-in designer to customize the content, look and feel of your site.

Backlight is in active development, and improving constantly. There are no subscription fees; buy it once, use it forever. And with Backlight, enjoy new features including direct image uploads, client management and gallery access features, support for multiple language websites, and more!



There are no themes; Backlight’s built-in designer lets you customize just about everything, including site and gallery colors, layout, behavior and features. Add your logo, write copy, and upload images. Express yourself, and make your website your website.


Designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices in equal measure. Your content reflows, and your images go everywhere.

Lightroom-to-Website Publishing

Your photography lives in Lightroom; with Backlight, create and manage your albums from within your catalog, using Lightroom’s Publish Services. Create new albums, organize them into sets, easily add or remove images, modify captions and metadata, change gallery descriptions, and more.

Search Engine Optimized

Backlight adheres to white hat SEO practices to maximize search engine performance, and we update as necessary to keep up with evolving SEO standards.

No Coding Necessary

You’re a photographer; be a photographer.
Build a complete website without ever having to write a line of code. Format text using simple Markdown syntax, and utilize the many built-in features to create a robust site to showcase your photography in the best light …

Coding Supported

… or utilize Backlight’s advanced customization and extensibility features, including an integrated grid framework, Font Awesome icon support, PHPlugins extensibility API, and more. Backlight has plenty of built-in features for designers at all levels.

Web-standards, Future-forward

Baked from the finest ingredients, Backlight’s recipe calls for standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to work on all devices, in all modern browsers, now and forever. No Flash, and no becoming obsolete.

Friendly Support

The Turning Gate enjoys an active support community. Make friends, ask questions, and get answers from fellow users and Backlight’s authors in our community forum. We’re committed to seeing every customer through to launching their website.