The CE4 Series for Lightroom

The Definitive Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

The TTG Core Elements 4 (CE4) Web Publishing Suite is a collection of plugins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, 5 & 6/CC2015 allowing photographers to create, publish and manage image galleries and/or complete websites to showcase their photography online, easily and awesomely.

Since 2007 and Lightroom 1.0, The Turning Gate has been creating tools for a Lightroom-to-Web publishing workflow, and CE4 is our best toolset yet, capable of publishing beautiful, professional image galleries and websites, fully compatible with today’s modern devices: desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other tablets and phones.

The CE4 Web Publishing Suite offers a robust and flexible feature set. Below, just a few of the reasons CE4 is awesome.


Customize nearly everything: colors, layout, behavior, features and more. Add your logo, pen your content, add your images. Express yourself, and make your website your website.

Be Responsive

Designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices in equal measure. Your content reflows, your images go everywhere. See it in action: visit this page on your phone, or resize your browser window now.


Link your pages and galleries to your social networking profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. Make your pages and galleries recognizable to Facebook and Twitter with one-click integration of Open Graph Protocol.

Add Galleries Easily

Adding galleries is easy! Export galleries and upload them to your server; they will appear automagically on your site. No page updates required.

Publish Services Support

Optionally, manage your galleries via Lightroom’s Publish Services. Create new albums or album sets, easily add or remove images, change gallery descriptions, push design updates and more.

Lightroom-to-Web Workflow

Most web publishing platforms force you into an isolated system, to eject your photos from Lightroom before you even start. CE4 extends your existing photographic workflow through to your website.

Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization is baked into every CE4 page and gallery. No dirty tricks, just smart design that uses content intelligently and for best effect.

No Coding Necessary

You’re a photographer; be a photographer.
Build a complete website without ever having to write a line of code. Format text using simple Markdown syntax, and utilize the many built-in features to create a robust site to showcase your photography in the best light …

Coding Supported

… or utilize CE4’s advanced customization and extensibility features, including an integrated grid framework, Font Awesome icon support, PHPlugins extensibility features, and more. The CE4 framework has plenty of built-in features for designers at all levels.

Web-standards, Future-forward

Baked from the finest ingredients, the CE4 recipe calls for standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to work on all devices, in all modern browsers, now and forever. No Flash, and no becoming obsolete.

Some Assembly Required

And that’s a good thing. CE4 is a component system: know what your site should do, choose the appropriate components, and build your site accordingly. You may find simpler products, but none so capable, nor as flexible. Components for the win!

Friendly Support

The Turning Gate enjoys an active support community. Make friends, ask questions, and get answers from fellow users and the plugin developers in our community forum. We’re committed to seeing every customer through to launching their website.