Our Products

This page endeavors to provide a brief summary description of our product offerings, to help you to decide which plugins to purchase according to your desired tasks.

The CE4 Series

For Lightroom 3/4/5/6/CC2015.

The CE4 series plugins run primarily from within Lightroom’s Web module, with a few exceptions. By combining the plugins in various configurations, you may publish and organize a set of galleries to compliment an existing site, create a complete portfolio website from scratch, create a blog, and more.

CE4 Auto Index
Organize multiple galleries into categories or nested categories;
from Lightroom’s Publish Services, allows you to create Album Sets.
CE4 Cart
Allows you to sell images and products from your galleries;
orders may be invoiced for later payment, or accept payment online via PayPal.
Requires CE4 Gallery.
CE4 Client Response Gallery
Create galleries with client proofing features, such as image selects or feedback;
from Lightroom’s Publish Services, creates Albums with those features.
CE4 Gallery
Create standard galleries for viewing images;
from Lightroom’s Publish Services, creates standard Albums of images.
Integrates with Fotomoto.com, or CE4 Cart to facilitate selling images.
CE4 Pages
Create a static website;
includes one image gallery, one gallery index, one contact form, and three generic pages for information.
Add CE4 Auto Index and/or CE4 Gallery to create additional galleries, or deeper levels of organization for galleries.
CE4 Publisher
Enables the use of Lightroom’s Publish Services for publishing and managing your online galleries;
hugely beneficial, saves time and effort, and makes site upgrades easier.
Works in tandem with CE4 Auto Index, CE4 Client Response Gallery, CE4 Gallery and CE4 Stage.
CE4 Stage
Create alternative types of image presentations, including slideshows, image comparison pages, video pages and more;
see full product description and demonstrations for complete details.
CE4 Theme for WordPress
A CE4-style WordPress theme used for blogging, or creating a website with WordPress.
Can be used to replace or to supplement a website created with CE4 Pages.
Visually cohesive with other CE4 plugins, so that your galleries and blog offer a seamless presentation.